I challenge you

Today’s post is a challenge from myself to you

I challenge you to allow another thought process to shine through

I challenge you to silence the negative gossip and speak words of Life

I challenge you to stand up and say all is well even though you may be faced with worries and strife

I challenge you to look in the mirror and say I have overcome

I challenge you to stand in victory when pain asks you to run

I challenge you to tell your tears to flee for they have no place here

I challenge you to silence that voice that says no one cares

I challenge you to say I am loved, even if you feel alone

I challenge you to tell someone your love them and ignore that negative groan

I challenge you to channel positive energy and today shout out I CAN

I challenge you to say, I may not have won just yet but I am a worthy woman/man

I challenge you to smile for today I appreciate your being

I sit on the train and evaluate how your love and support created this being

I challenged myself as I was becoming lost again wandering in the dark

I fought to see some light it was not easy, surviving is no walk in the park

But today I challenge you to stand in truth if weakened take someone’s hand

Today I ask you to challenge your circumstances in life, do you know your plan?

Some may feel they are worthless but to someone you are their smile

Some may feel isolated and alone but someone would love to hold you for a while

Some may feel broken, desolate in a famine situation

Someone is closer than you know waiting for permission to enter in

So go through your phone call a friend, go out and just embrace the time

For just a moment stop what you’re doing and tell your circumstances I AM GOING TO BE FINE.

Get your copy of Hello madness goodbye joy by clicking the link below. From the ashes we can rise



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