A thought.

I read a comment under an article about the young croydon mayor

The owner of the post had asked why such news was not shared questioning if we even care

The question was asked why do we make videos of people fighting go viral

Causing negativity amongst young people to grow as the belief they can do good is still a denial

The author of the post stated that we are more predisposed to negative content

Ignoring the good that others do, this statement caused many to vent

But is it true are we more mentally and psychologically stimulated by drama?

Do positive posts get ignored as feel good messages surely will leave us feeling calmer

Many felt as a society we only share videos of fights perpetuating crimes that cause others to bleed

I ponder as I reflect does negative content over positive content definitely lead?

Positive content shared on social media is skimmed or ignored rarely does it gain maximised attention

We say negativity is demoralising yet our reading habits prioritise negative information.

When your standing in a shop would a headline “Boy leaves school with 12 GCSE’s” motivate you to purchase the paper

As much as “ Teen stabbed waiting for his school dinner” or details of an infamous serial raper

A recent headline stated “Man died in police custody and returned to his family with no brain

This stood out for me over any other headlines even those with a positive gain

Why is it that we as a society invest time and financial capacity into that which causes pain

Why are we stimulated by headlines with no real wealth or spiritual gain

What is it about the human race that negativity, gossip , slander and distain can have us communicating

While good news gets one worded responses, likes, a bit of talking but no real promotional demonstrating.

Everyone will remember details of the young boys fighting by Weatherspoons in Croydon, or the lesbians attacked on the bus.

Everyone will come together to insult the culprits and share our dislike, disappointments and disgust

Many will discuss the negative imagery our young people now hold on the streets

But how do we balance those negative images so young people have positive image choices to meet

If life is an echo to what we give out, should we therefore not invest our time in positive praise?

Is it not essential that we focus more on the positive and train our minds to seek positive content to gaze

Programs like “When they see us”caused me anguish, heartache and pain seeing what these men went through

But really without this horrific trauma they would not have been able to do the great things they all now currently do

Would the film have been as popular if the main focus was on the works they do today

Why do you think the human mind has been programmed to feel stimulated in such a negative way.

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1 thought on “A thought.”

  1. I believe that the be system we live in deliberately puts out more negative content than positive be to try to be keep us dumded down so as to keep us under control for its
    own selfish and wicked agenda. If there was more blatant positive content put out there then maybe people would think more positive and come together more as communities and become more enlightened about the system’s agenda and find more ways to fight against the destruction that the selfish system plays out throughout history. One way is to boycott certain companies and services, hit them where it hurts, their pockets!

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