The reason why

I grew with the saying “Do good unto others and the good will come back to you”

Give and it will come back to you, with good measure and in abundance, blessings will come through

I used to wonder do many give simply to receive or do we give because we are in a position to bless another.

Do you give with a clean heart to meet the receivers needs, or are you giving for self praises from a sister or brother

When you give, do you do with the intention that the receiver is delivered from their current situation

Or do you give to promote an image to the world that appears empathetic in daily conversations

I wonder how many give because they have a saviour complex and their egos need to feel grand

I questioned myself do I give to look good or do I genuinely want to pull another from sinking sand?

Do you give wisely, or do you bless others so much that you hurt yourself?

Are those you give to really in need or do they themselves seek easy wealth

If you gave and then when you had a need that same person could not bless you back

Would your empathy and love for them, then get the sack

What if you gave from a good place but the recipient responded in a negative attack

Would your heart change, would you retract and take the gift back

If you gave and the recipient did not utter a thanks would the lack of gratitude give you pain

Would this deter you in the future from reaching out and trying to help again

When you give does it come from an unselfish place that needs no glory or praise?

Are you just that somebody that when a need arises a helping hand you raise?

I ask those that often give of themselves how many are at your feet to take

When you then have a need does good measure return to bless your plate?.

If the answer is no, honestly, giver are you hurt do you actually care

That when you then require a helping hand the path is clear as no one seems to be there

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