I wish

A question that rests on the lips of the nation is “when will it end”
A question that scratches the mind of the bereaved parents “your joking it’s happened again”
The victim feels the sting as the blade tears through his/her flesh cutting through muscle
The parents feel the ache of broken heart syndrome and nothingness as they are forced to continue life’s hustle
The world feels the grip of fear as the negativity and rage flows through the brain
Hatred forming in the hearts of many as they will never see their loved one again

I am a mother on a decline and I do not know what to do
Hearing of yet several more stabbings has made my nightmares push through
Constant gossip and negativity has caused pain and chaos to again be all around
Sleep has almost vanished as in my head just my nightmares can be found
I am so confused and feel alone with clouded thoughts wet with misty rain
I am forgetting how to live again some times I struggle to remember my name

Resentment, anger, hurt, the ache the tears they return to squeeze my throat
Joy is packing a bag, she wishes to set sail on pains life boat
I scream and cry for I yearn for her to stay with me and draw nigh
But I cannot see the path to that lake as tears they blind my eyes
What can we do to start this change right here as we sit and read this post
What can we each do right now to prevent more young people from becoming a ghost

I wish the government better supported disadvantaged homes so parents can seek work life balance
I wish all children were afforded the same opportunities so each of them received a strong academic chance
I wish families worked with schools effectively to seek positive solutions and outcomes
I wish many would drop their pride and when they need help call out so aid can come

I wish teachers saw that every child has potential, some have hidden deep behind rejections heavy door.
Some don’t seek change but some children are trapped and no longer see hope anymore
I wish the language of mild disruptive behaviour was seen to be a cry for help
I wish the police were seen as law enforcement and not an image to beat us with injustices belt

I wish I embraced this fight and educated myself to advocate for youth needs
Before it landed on my doorstep and it was my son lay dying as he did bleed
I hope you will chose today to unite in this fight to stop another families cries
Yesterday it was me, today someone else tomorrow it may be your loved one to die

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of her 15 year old son is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today.


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