The lost voice (updated)

That powerful feeling you feel when a baby says early words

The laughter that fills the air, when they say something absurd

The excitement that bubbles inside, the first time they call your name

A surge of love arises you will never again be the same.

As the voice matures, the cuteness becomes a moan.

Oh please shut up in irritation adults will groan

The excitement subsides when the whining child cries out your name

the tone of their screams simply drives you insane

but what if like me in an instance that voice was gone

what aching melody would be in your hearts song

that voice of love, never to be heard again

your son, daughter, husband, wife or best friend

to never hear them again to call your name

with a broken heart and bitter tears could you again be the same.

don’t take for granted the voice of love, I hope you listen up

for today I rise to go to grave to sing happy birthday and cry as I look up.

For we become complacent allowing anger to create a divide

We tarry in apologising not wanting to resolve it first because of our ego and pride

But how would you feel if that gap was permanent and love was lost in silence

Would it have been worth losing all this time for, would your heart wish to express what it truly meant.

Today is my lost voices birthday, I wish for nothing but to hear that voice again.

If your lost voice is still living, make that call, do that visit before having such a choice really ends

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1 thought on “The lost voice (updated)”

  1. This dark journey that you are on rach. I pray and hope that at the end of the dark journey their will be light. I will be their with you every step of the way if you eva need me night are day any hrs. I promise to walk with you. I love you. my arms are open and my shoulders are free .be bless xx


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