Is prison enough

As I lay staring at the ceiling a thought came to my mind. Is prison enough?

Immediately after a brutal attack the comments commence and people start to cuss

Deport them and their families lock them up and throw away the keys

Attacks against the leniency of our British judicial system follows and this troubles me.

As I feel anyone, child or adult with so much anger/fear inside clearly has a need

Poverty, growing without or being deprived from progressing due to lack of employment will stunt the growth of a seed.

Absent parents, abuse, disrupted, or no education will impact the way in which we grow

Grooming, trauma, mental health decline, impacts the mind greatly as we all know

Loss, or silence that replaces love will always leave a void

The transition from child to adult takes you from holding mummies hand to an image society wishes to avoid.

As children we are fully dependent on adults to meet our every need then we go to secondary/high school

The moment we put on this uniform without transition we are left to fend in a world unbalanced by self-entitled fools

In an instance we are thrown from the pot into the flame, having to fight, act tough to ensure we have a name

Trying to fit into a world where image plays such a significant role, no child wants to be different, they want to belong and look the same.

Then comes influence of peers but as many arrive home there is no one there to discuss it with

Cost of living is now so high, both parents have to work to provide and a decent lifestyle give

So, company falls to those you meet on the street, at school and in the local neighbourhood

They are friends, but influential all the same, now boredom and curiosity amongst peers is understood.

Some teenage angst and disruption, today 12 seconds changed their life

For today amidst fear and adrenaline this child has drew on another a knife

This child is sentenced under joint enterprise to murder and as he walks away you see him cry.

Now in total disbelief the reality sets in, my actions caused another to die.

Behind bars there is a program, restorative justice to help them see the errors of their way and bring conviction to the heart

A change is seen while incarcerated but when they leave no job, what programs and support is out their to promote a strong positive start.

If you come out to the same friends, same environment, same influences, is it then not only a matter of time

Before you’re again faced with the same temptations that caused you to engage in crime

Prison cannot be the only answer as it simply reacts to crime once it is committed

We need proactive strategies in place that will cause many antecedents to be remitted

If the child is lost in poverty with addiction in their face from young

Then surely to help that child we have to exploit where the vulnerability begun

Don’t just focus on the young person and condemn them with the words your mind tells you to say

Let’s take action against the reason the child has turned out this way

Explore the emotion behind the behaviour and in life let’s try to rearrange

The influences that cripple them to advocate for a life changing and sustained change

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