I read the paper, I watch the news I see posts on social media

I see young people killing one another victims or perpetrator not many are white but still from my area

I speak to friends and ask why do black people fear their own

I am told many are not over slavery, this and media presentation impacts how we are grown

I don’t understand why the crimes of my ancestors dictate how I am seen today

I don’t understand why colour defines crime and the words people say

I see people as individuals, you’re a bad person not your race or your community

Why do we cry racism just because the person is black or white, this notion is silly to me

I don’t see knife crime as an issue that affects me or directly my family.

Knife crime as I see it is mainly a black issue as more black people seem to be involved from what I see

The younger generation are impacted, white kids try to make themselves look like the great I am and act black

I said this comment to a black friend of mine and she was offended and returned in a verbal attack

She asked why does the negative attributes of another race have to be measured characteristics of black.

She does not understand as that is how it’s seen amongst the younger generation it’s just a matter of fact

I am frightened for my son and nephews to walk through London streets

As now a days being young can cause you to be attacked and knocked off your feet

I no longer feel this is a colour war, and don’t think white people get a fair representation

We, today are punished for our ancestors beating other coloured ancestors on a plantation

I never did that yet I am disliked by many, simply because I am white

Black’s should not be separated for a colour that too is not right

In 2019 I don’t feel racism is as rampant as it once has been

I feel white people are now victims as hatred has been built up from within

Mindsets of the past have caused our nation to be divided

Not everything done is due to colour, sometimes it’s just two individuals that have collided

If we as a nation put colour aside and just treated people as fair individuals

Could we combat crime and reduce many families from holding night vigils

Black children are falling but the white community cannot understand

As knife crime is seen as black crime as the knife is in their hands

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