What more can we do?

This post is to the parents as I am scratching my head wondering what are we to do?
I am fed up now of reading about another stabbing and I am sure you are too
This week I read an article of a young man stabbed to death at his brother’s funeral
This story caused my heart to bleed it was simply tragic and awful.

Another stating that three boys were stabbed in one day with one of the three arrested for the murder
Another article citing of a mother’s screams over her son’s dying body the whole estate heard her
Fathers, Mothers, what are we to do? Can we just sit and wait for someone else to find a solution?
Fathers, Mothers, this is our children’s blood staining the street we need to find a remedial conclusion

What more can we do to change this corrupt and deluded mind-set? Are children simply born this way?
Some say an individual is predisposed before birth, some are born to kill I have heard many say
Others have a narcissistic personality and have a strong desire to maintain control
If this is the case then are parents really to blame if this was the destiny of the child as it grows

Are we as the parents not the greater influence over the children as adults should we not protect?
Steer the child on the right path then as they grow, they should not forget
Mould them with discipline and in life ensure we do not spare the rod to combat the child’s spoilt responses
Grow them in love and teach aspirations so we have success stories and academic graduations oppose to deathly absences

As a parent do we mould our children or are they lost to the power of social media
Someone help me with an answer as deaths raging beast seem to be getting greedier
Is it nature or is it nurture, are children born bad or are they simply raised bad
Is it the poor treatment of the mother, or are they scarred by the poor influential or absent dad?

Are the parents the one that exposes children to detrimental factors such as sexual explicit behaviour
Physical or verbal agression is it only this life that creates a world where youth are now in danger
Can a child from a balanced home, grown with both parents and love draw a knife on another?
Or do we fail to act or respond appropriately to concerning situations and childhood concerns for face we try to cover.

Where does the disconnect start? Do we see a lack of empathy in their infant years
Or do we beat it out of our sons as we become frustrated seeing and hearing wingey tears
How many times are children told hold your tongue and mind your business?
To aid a parent’s shame and hide wrong doings within the home and keep those family secrets

Is it only when the mask of the killer comes off as they create their very first victim
That we see them or did they engage in anti social behaviour and petty crime with their childhood grins
As the parent can we see but choose to turn a blind eye hoping it’s just a phase
Are we really the instigators of this new childhood killer craze?

What is it that we do or fail to do that causes a child to conduct himself so?
As a mother I want to make a difference with my children so those who feel they have the answer please let me know.
I am often told I am a good mother and my children display manners and respect.

Yet in 2017 my son was a victim to a tragedy I can never forget.

To much young blood has soaked into the floor.

I don’t know what more I need to do but know I want to do more.

Hello madness Goodbye joy

The paperback and ebook edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” A true story based on he murder of my son Kyron Webb and the aftermath and trauma faced by his family and loved ones. The novel is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

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