Acceptance for loyalty

I heard a mother speaking to her son advising him on how he does not need to worry about friends
She told him “following others will be your downfall it’s time to stand alone now, this silliness end”
He looked at her in disbelief with a sign of sadness waving from deep within
For we live in a society where a lot of value is placed on fitting in

I pondered on this and as usual I began to reflect on how easy this would be
Do I honestly feel valued and accepted based on the choices and decisions I make for me?
Acceptance, self-love, let go of negativity, know your circle and preserve your energy
But honestly do we exercise this when someone else’s thoughts differ from the truth you see.

Growing up it was an insult to be African people used this word to abuse one another
I was called Blick and laughed at, people mocked me for not having a fairer outer skin colour
I was mocked due to the way I spoke and told I am the whitest black girl some have met
Growing feeling not good enough for my own community others may grow turning their backs to forget

Imagine growing believing that you are not good enough, seeking acceptance that never comes
From loved ones and those around you causing you to feel lost with a deep desire to run
Imagine never feeling your truly fit in, no one around understands your situation or circumstance
Imagine having a different view for your life which is ridiculed and beaten from you at every chance.

Imagine someone wanting to control your thought process, your actions, your words and your way of life.
Simply because they believe they know better than you bringing relationship strife
Imagine feeling nothing you do is ever right or good enough
Simple because it does not resemble another person’s stuff

Imagine what you believe to be right to you is deemed wrong by so many
Causing you to live a secret or double life wearing several masks to maintain your secrecy
Imagine one day someone tells you it’s alright mate we are happy to take you as you are
How bright would you shine when your very being in this person causes you to be a star?

How beautiful would it feel to be understood and surrounded by someone who understands your language?
How amazing would it be if someone wrapped all those broken wounds with loves elastic bandage?
How loyal to such a person would you be when acceptance embraces you with a bang
Well my friend this is how some children and young people feel and they find this acceptance in what you call a gang.

Hello madness Goodbye joy

The paperback and ebook edition of my book “Kyron: Hello Madness Goodbye Joy” A true story based on he murder of my son Kyron Webb and the aftermath and trauma faced by his family and loved ones. The novel is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for you to purchase via this link

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