Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that impacts the mind
It alters our ability to cope, revealing excess stress that can leave us emotionally blind
Symptoms include nightmares, sleep disturbance, agitation and fatigue
Some turn to alcohol, sexual promiscuous behaviour, self harm or mind altering substances such as weed
Trauma may appear through rape, domestic abuse, wrong love or just witnessing violence
Our children are being exposed to such images but they are trapped in a deadly silence

Daily we are seeing stabbings on the street, violence on the screen, videos of violence everywhere
For some it seems to excite, anger, fuel discussions but in some witnessing trauma will appear
Headlines and comments are still condemning children and young people very little discuss their mental care
Our children are suffering, their spirit is dying but there body remains here
Imagine watching your friend being attacked, a pool of blood gathering as you stand their in shock and despair
Imagine feeling the very thing could now happen to you, can you imagine that fear

The helplessness, the sadness, the anger and guilt that you did nothing but stop and steer
Imagine trying to find the words to explain the horror to family, friends or even police that were not there
Imagine the shame, the real pain for knowing your silence is a must if you don’t want your life to end
Imagine how bad you would feel knowing your silence will be part of the reason the perpetrator gets away with killing your friend

It is easy to look at ones behaviour and simply make judgement on what you think you know and view
But is it the behaviour we see or the emotion behind the behaviour that really drives you
I hear often we cannot use our past as an excuse for future actions but is this entirely true
As our past experiences teach us lessons some good, some bad but in these experiences our personalities come through.

A loving home alone is not the only thing that is designed to make you
Being abused, or raised in a broken home is not the only tool that can break you
Losing your confidence, your inner voice, your identity and your mind
Can re-wire your thinking, your behaviour and ability to conduct a daily grind
Trauma can be devastating and can alter our very own perception
If we address the mental health of our young can we encourage them to walk in a new direction.

Today audience this is my closing question.
Please can we discuss as I seek your interaction.


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