Change is needed

Here we are nearly two years on and still we are asking why is this happening?
Young black faces on the news and in the paper, another stabbing, shooting these babies are still dying
Section 60 powers evoked but those stopped are the ones victims to this crime
No one understands what’s going on but our children are lost and angered by this rhyme.

They are feeling forgotten by society, oppressed by the law and neglected by hope
Our children are feeling ostracised in fear, choked in this nightmare unsure how they will cope

Anger rising, voices shrinking, disruptive behaviour appears
Who seeks the emotion behind the behaviour, isolation, suspension or expulsion from school who actually cares?
Young people are becoming angry with the world as everywhere they seem to face victimisation
Fear of their own image, fear of the law, frustrated with the community’s reactions

Tired of running, tired of looking over their shoulder, worried if this day may be their last
Fed up of trying, feeling defeated by circumstances, in a system that makes them feel like outcasts
Voices expressing a language that young people hear but adults tend to not know
Being told I’m done with you, hearing and seeing the increasing frustration from parents, police and teachers as they grow.

Due to lack of understanding and empathy for another’s struggle we simply blame the parents
But good parenting is not the only answer; parents themselves face racism and negative circumstances
Discrimination, segregation, unhealed pain they take it out on their children
Unknown to them they have not recognised the language of their own tribulations

The children then take it out on each other and society. For many, violence does do something to get rid of pain and anger.
If equality is out there for all then why are these children dying? Is there even a simple answer?
If poverty, is there enough money and opportunities available to make a change?
If parenting, are there resources available to support families to ensure parents can better engage

If education, can we implement better systems to manage disruptive behaviour instead of isolation
If we as a community really care about this can we please find soon an effective resolution
I understand that this issue is not new and knife crime has been around a while
But I still cry out for help as I wish to stop seeing children crying, I wish to celebrate their smiles.


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1 thought on “Change is needed”

  1. Hi Rachel, yes I feel your frustration too. We all as parents can try to engage more with each other and different people in the system like teachers, youth workers, police and politicians to help solve this devastating problem in regards to knife crime. Keep on doing what you feel you can Rachel because you are doing a lot even through your blogs you are making a difference. Don’t feel you are not doing enough because you have a lot to deal with yourself and at least you are trying and passionate about trying to find a resolution, stay strong Rachel because what you are trying to achieve is not in vain and more power to you.

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