This post is a love song to my boy Kyron Antonio Webb
No matter how hard I try I cannot overcome the fact that you’re dead
I never knew I had the capacity to love another so much
The feelings keep growing, I long for a hug, to hear your voice, see your face and feel your touch

My chest is so full I think it may burst
With all this love along with all this hurt
I started writing as I did not want death to silence your name
I now work with young people so they can see their life should not be lived in vain

I hear them say of their behaviour I’m serious man has no conscious I don’t care
But their eyes tell another tale, the background story is buried under many tears
I miss your laughter I try hard not to, but I wish you would come back to me
I scream each day inside as I cannot believe that he did not see your worth or beauty

I don’t want to touch soil I want to stroke your face and touch your hair
I don’t want to pull weeds I just want to look up and see you standing there
I don’t want to lay flowers, light candles, and play a song as I cry
I no longer want to sit in the dark rocking and wondering why

I no longer want this pain that threatens to rip my chest
Instead I want to hold you near and on my chest your head shall rest
Sadly, life will not give me what I want so right now all I can do is cry
Oh my darling baby boy why did you have to die

Your brother’s posts, DP and statuses are always about you and his relationship
Another thing that rips me up is your siblings have to carry deaths hardship


Check out my novel Hello madness good bye joy followinf the murder of my son Kyron Webb. Available to buy now on Amazon paperback and ebook. UK/USA

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1 thought on “Kyron”

  1. I don’t have the experience you have, but i feel the pain you have. It’s a pain I believe every mother feels wgen she hears of another child lost to the madness and senseless violence of our society.
    Every mother cries for the loss, the gratefulness it is not their child, for the guilt of their gratefulness, in anger and frustration of the question why?
    I wonder if those that are killing each other know that every stabbing stabs the heart of every family including their own, it brings fear to their brothers and sisters too, their parents and grandparents who wonder if the path of destruction these killings bring will reach their door. When you kill you kill yourself and your family because the life you were destined to have can no longer be.
    So as a mother I feel your pain, I appreciate and celebrate your strength in writing your story. I pray you enjoy more days with you.
    RIP Little Man – Shine Bright 🕊💖 Forever Blessed

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