Two years ago today I woke to a text “mum I hate it here I wish I never came to Manchester”
I rose texting why, “boredom” you text “ I just want to come home” I bathed then I called you after
“I just want to go back to school” you groaned “in London for me can you just come”
“But Ky it’s almost GCSE’S why disrupt now, you have done so well and in June you will be done”.

“But I am the one who is doing well, it’s not the school mum it is just me
I can apply myself in any school bring me back to London, I will show you mum you will see.
If you were here I know it would be okay things will not feel like this”
I asked him “do you think I failed you” “oh no mum I just know this problem you would fix”

Kyron had been suspended as he arrived at school appearing to be under the influence of a mind altering substance
He was searched but nothing was on him, yet when the police tried to leave him he displayed an angry stance
The teacher who called was confused and said “I am not sure why he reacted as he did”
As he got away yet for some reason a punishment and for a negative outcome he seemed to dig.

The behaviour was so out of character the head mistress was scared they said his Statute and size made it intimidating
I wish I had the chance to explore the emotion behind that behaviour and really under what he was communicating
When I asked “nothing” was his response *don’t worry mum you won’t understand”
For the first time ever Kyron did not feel empowered to reveal his truth so I said when your ready I’m here to love, not judge and take your hand.

Later in the day we spoke again, “call the school please mum check the process for me to come home”
I agreed on the provision I would home school him he would not come to London to roam
After GCSE’S I wanted him in a college away from the dangers rising on London streets
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that same fate this very day he would meet.

I called the school, he did too but the teacher we wanted was in a meeting
“Their lying” he said when I told him. “they keep saying that” I could hear his frustration heating
Okay Ky, I will sort it out let’s allow her today to reply. I said “I love you son It will be okay”
I love you to mum” those were the last words I ever got to hear him say

I told him on Friday I would send money so he could come home for the half term
We discussed how we would decorate his room and the presents for Christmas he would earn
That evening as he sat at home a call lured him outside
Everyone knows what happened next he was Stabbed left bleeding and my baby boy died
In closing do not put off for tomorrow the things you can do today
For tomorrow is never promised and you do not know when that chance may be taken away.

Check out my novel Hello madness good bye joy followinf the murder of my son Kyron Webb. Available to buy now on Amazon paperback and ebook. UK/USA

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