Can you see

There was a time when we were made to sit at the back of the bus as a sign of non acceptance
We were deemed the lowest form of society, and from this bondage great leaders sort deliverance
As generations grew, they would board a bus and rush to the back as this was now seen to be cool
Children would act loud and rowdy, screams, shouting and breaking many social rules.
There was a time when sagging trousers referred to a man being free to rape
Today, sagging trousers is seen as cool, making them feel fashionable and great

There was a time when the N word was used to degrade, insult, manage and kill
Today it’s used by many as a term of endearment and in rap songs at their free will
There was a time when murder and injustice rose leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
There was a time we fought for our communities, doing everything to ensure the oppressor did not win
As a nation, we were once outraged by segregation and by any means necessary we wanted to walk as one
But in seeking equality and unity, new ways to divide a nation has begun

There was a time the community stood, celebrating, singing songs and partying together
Today, within our community we barely know our neighbours and we are taught to fear and attack our brother
There was a time we lived in unity, holding one another up and washing the wounds of another’s infliction
But today, we watch and pull out our mobile phones to record and upload another man’s bullet hole or their knifed reaction.

There was a time unity was the strength and encouragement that enabled many to stand.
A time where if you beat me, my community wanted to embrace me and settle my trembling hand
Now my affliction has become entertainment a video that will go viral.
While we sit conversing on how we wish things could be, destruction is spiralling touching us all.
We say “In our day such things did not happen, children knew their place and respect in the home was great”
Now everyone is looking at parents to blame for all the violence and the hate.

Do you ever wonder why do we only educate ourselves within the law of the street once our loved one falls.
We live carefree, uneducated, selfishly blinding ourselves to the impact of new laws
Too busy to see the real impact of such decisions, only reacting to the negative outcome of such flaws
We live in a system where others who do not live your experiences decide the minimum income for your home
A system that decides what budget cuts are made, what services to cut and whose credit score deserves that loan
A system that decides what education your child is to receive and what families they deem deserves help
A system that will allow you to get so far then in an instance it’s gone yet no one hears your broken yelp

How many encourage our young people to work in government, become part of the decision
How many of us vote, lobby petitions, have your say and strongly advocate for change within reason
How many of us can see crime as colourless, ageless, imageless and stand to fight to bring salvation
Why is it that we take what was once used as oppression and make it fashion?
Do some feel this is taking power back, as I simply see it as making negativity and hatred a norm
By making light, the impact such conduct has on our community; desensitisation within the younger community will form.

Violence amongst our young people is stated to be black on black crime
This causes other races within the community to ignore or stand undecided on the moral line
They do not feel the threat will reach their door, so cannot see importance in the current issues
Many of us if we don’t fit a mould, do nothing or very little until the issue itself hits you
Murder does not see colour, age, sexual orientation, dress sense, slang or social economy
Death is not blinded by divide and rule, discrimination, racism or any other silly reality

Death simply roams with life’s list as his job is to claim people like you and me
Do not allow difference to distract you, as really we are all human segregated by money. But in death that means nothing as we’re all the same really.

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