Be of good courage

Life is a funny thing for it takes sadness to occur for us to appreciate happiness
Loss for us to see the beauty of gain and grief to understand the value of joyfulness
It takes noise and disruption for us to see the real beauty in silence and peace
With the loss of absence we value the presence of loved ones now deceased.
You see we don’t always appreciate the seasons of life nor do we always see the lesson to learn
Or appreciate our steps have been ordered, life is just forming a warrior within its amour through seasons will earn

We rise to embrace a new day but neither of us know how the day we end
For some it may be a proposal of marriage, a death, a job promotion or deep laughter with a friend
Loss of a job, a broken relationship, tears or laughter may today await
This day for you may be a blessing but for another being it may not be so great
However, rain or shine I believe their is a purpose for your life with experiences that help us to grow
Such experience bring an insight to wisdom teaching us things about ourselves we did not know

I believe everything relating to our survival in life is already tied into our souls
The greatest seeds I realise in life are the ones through sweat and blood were sown
Winter brings cold, spring brings new beginnings, summer is warmth and autumn is change
When we experience these four seasons in life, life as we once knew it becomes rearranged.
Today many people rise with a heavy heart due to some form of loss or change to their situation
With others rising with a smile, joy and giving thanks for a new day and new revelations

Some are smiling through pain and tears as they have given birth
While others cry pain and tears as they commit loved ones to the earth
Some of us wake with an anxious brain, undecided about what the future may hold
While some may be pondering over the news yesterday they were happily told

There is a lesson to learn in your pain one that requires you not to give up
There is someone out here waiting with love and strength to refill your cup
It may be a friend, a family member or a stranger in a Facebook group
But we are here in numbers, ready with words of encouragement where you feel mute
For your not the first to face your trails many around you actually understand
Ready with that comforting hand and that love that enables you to stand

Do not speak badly of yourself as that weakens the warrior within
Cry if you must, seek support and assistance, don’t suffer in silence as once again you will grin
For the struggle you see today is developing your strength for tomorrow
Happiness is yours to have again with love be encouraged to push through that sorrow

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