Restorative justice

I am embracing restorative justice as I want a face to face with my son’s murderer
Unsure if he has anything in him to heal me now, but I want to tell him all about my soldier
I want him to see the child he slew, I need to explain my son’s light and impacting potential
I feel his death has simply shown me that this murderer now holds the gear stick and I hold the steering wheel
My family do not want to meet him. In my children’s hearts, where he is concerned they do not care
My surviving children say on sight, rage would cause violence to erupt and punches into him would tear
The only question they have for him is why did you kill our brother
As forgiveness is not a word they want to consider, they cannot be restorative towards this other
For them, a sad back story simply makes excuses for his violent and unprovoked actions
My 12 year old daughter feels you always have a choice, murder is not the only option
My 10 year old son says he does not deserve a second chance
Kyron gave you no reason to hurt him, no violence nor aggression, so there was no need to fall into a murdering trance

Restorative justice, the system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of an offender
Where they are shown the ripple effect of their actions and for many their internal anger will surrender
The process encourages reconciliation with the victims and the wider community at large
Many people are against it as they feel this gives an offender a lesser charge
But for those who engage, it’s said to be quite therapeutic and reinforces that justice has been done
It’s said to reduce the risk of reoffending allowing the notion that even in loss someone still has won

The restorative justice process is said to also reduce the risk of post traumatic stress disorder
Helping remove the risk of the victim seeking revenge birthed in rage against the offender
The victim and the offender come together to seek a common goal and answers
Also supporting the offender through reflection of self to fit back into society and embrace positive chances
The process of restorative justice is to help people to move on with their lives
It brings answers to questions and comfort to those feeling empty and their weakened cries

Also helping the victims repair from the impact of crime giving them back their voice
To tell the offender how they have impacted their lives when they made that cowardly choice
The offender has the chance to take ownership, responsibility and accountability for their actions
Also they have a chance to apologise for their impact that set off an unfortunate reaction
Restorative justice can be effective and used in any type of crime
It is essential this process is carried out when both parties are at the right place and at the right time

Not everyone is sorry, not every offender had the ability to undertake this process
Due to a mental disturbance, they are hard wired and proud of their offences
The aim of restorative justice is to heal the wounds of victims and bring about restoration
For the offender, it’s to create a law abiding citizen accepted by the community again through resolution

This process was designed to repair the harm caused by another’s behaviour
It’s used in schools now as a form of discipline, talking circles used to diffuse and dilute angers flavor

Restorative justice does not necessarily work for everyone as hurt and anger rages within
But to be restorative for me is where that peace in healing begins
There is no time limit as to when this should be done, it’s something one can do when the time feels right
You may never want a meeting don’t feel bad as that too is alright.

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2 thoughts on “Restorative justice”

  1. This is terrific and so well written and so empathetic
    Only with forgiveness and restoration can we ever think there is a future hope not just for ourselves and the victims of crime and its perpetrators but the whole world
    God bless everyone

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  2. Hi Rachel, you are very brave to want to meet your son’s killer and I think that it is positive that you are engaging in restoration because knife crime is ride and prevention is better than cure. If you can save one life through the work you are doing it is worth it. I wish the best for you on your powerful mission and I believe you are making a difference, peace and love to you, family and everyone who has been through what you have,.❤️

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