He’s out 🤬🤬🤬

The year began with him on my mind as he appealed his sentence of 5 years,
We sat in court on January 15th 2019 staring at his face on a screen, fighting back angry tears
The smug expression he held at the end when he heard he had won his plight
Time taken off his sentence due to time in care while we gathered evidence for our justice fight
The blow to our abdomens brought silence to the room, my family were saddened and dazed
A victorious moment for a murderer, but his victim now blurred our gaze.

I remember leaving the room, sadness overcame, my heart so heavy with grief
Kind words, arms around me, nothing gave me inspiration or mild relief
Now as the year ends I was text by Kyron’s friend to say he has been released I actually thought it was a joke
I called my family liaison officer her confirmation caused my anger to be provoked
I cannot lie but thoughts of revenge filled me I wanted to find him and trample his throat
Rage caused me to imagine dragging him to the slaughter like a screaming goat

But then I remembered Kyron and thought to hold onto the love I have for him is greater
For if I hold onto this rage, I could once again lose everything due to this boiling anger
I had not received a call from probation something they assured me they would do
I was told he no longer resides in Manchester; he gets a second chance well isn’t that good for you
While this Christmas we again had to celebrate while shedding tears
He was welcomed home with love, laughter and gleeful cheers

It’s hard, his identity from the world is hidden due to age he was granted anonymity
But his actions are known to the world along with the loss and impact he has had on my family
I know I should not but I checked his social media page and he wrote “f the system and free all my g’s”
Pictures of him and others in a cell, like it’s a joke, no regard for Kyron and me
He has never shown remorse, never said sorry, he did not write to seek sympathy
Just pictures of him flexing his muscles you would not think he was inside as it just looked like a youth academy
2 years on and my pain is raw this year the worst of the pain
Yet 2 years on my son’s murderer freedom for Christmas he gained.
I was told to prepare myself as now he is released he may share his story in a rap song
He can release music insulting Kyron for the world to hear now ain’t that wrong
I am not sure if my heart can bare to hear him speak of my son in jest
I am praying this will not come to pass and he will allow my sons memory to rest

I don’t like him I never have but I hope he turns his life around
I’m struggling that he Is living free while my baby remains in the ground.

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3 thoughts on “He’s out 🤬🤬🤬”

  1. I read with tears … the pain you suffer from losing your baby ….

    And the way the justice system has failed you and for that person to mock the system and play it to his advantage

    I hear your pain and empathise deeply

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My heart bleeds for you knowing that the system has failed you Rachel. I believe that your son’s murderer will get his karma because there is a higher power than the justice system and he has no remorse for what he did and learned nothing from the short stay in prison. I can’t imagine how painful it is for you to deal with but I believe you are very strong and will continue to channel your pain into positivity for yourself and others. I wish all the best for you and your family going forward into the new year.xxx

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