Judgement vs Support

By September 2019 there were 22,286 knife and weapon offences formally dealt with in court
This does not include the unreported incidences of knife and weapons assaults
These figures are from courts in England and in Wales
Showing a 3% increase on 2018 statistical scales

New figures show that knife crime is now at a 10 year high
The prime minister has stated that all Whitehall departments take action this makes me sigh
For every time we have a cluster of incidents or a high profile case appears
There is always a government reaction stated to reduce the countries fears

Yet nothing really appears to occur, no strong initiatives seen
What actual action is taken to reform education, health and social care and youth services in the community.
Ignorance still says blame the parents for raising the feral child
Yet no family support systems seem to be filling the gaps to assist parents when the child no longer is sweet and mild.

Can we blame the parents for conditions such as mental disorders
ADHD, Autism, bipolar and split personality.
Can I blame your parents for how life has treated me
Can we blame the parents for the poverty and disadvantage they face
Can we blame parents for lack of opportunities and options in their current living space

Can we blame parents that have to work to provide a roof and food for their child to survive
Or is it the parents fault that school finishes at 3pm but they have to work till 5
Has blaming the parents prevented children from dying on our streets
Has blaming the parents stopped children carrying knives as fear surrounds their feet

Is there a difference between children suffering from neglect, trauma or neurological disorders
Or shall we just continue putting it all down to the parents in hope it will bring societal order.
Don’t get me wrong we parents play a role and some children are products of neglect and abuse
But there are some children whose behaviour can not be explained by the poor parenting excuse
Open your eyes for their is a need, a hunger in society that remains unfed
Blame is an easy option but let’s work together to find proactive solutions instead

The key to this epidemic may be found within the construction of the family
So let’s build support around them, instead of condemning so children can achieve their full abilities.
I gave birth to five children, but it took many people to help me raise them
I could not do it alone, I required a village support team made up of family and friends.

Your condemnation of another’s parenting style may encourage a prolonged and heated conversation
But does it really create what we want to see a reduction to youth violence and positive demonstration

If we use all our energy diligently to push for change

Is that not more productive than allowing ignorance to fuel a damaging rage?

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by me Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of my 15 year old son Kyron Webb is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today.


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