When enough is enough?

We as parents have a past with experiences that have been kind and some that have beat us down.
We as parents have watched our children’s behaviour create the largest smiles, as well as the bitter frowns.
As parents, once a child is born, we become somewhat invisible within our individual needs,
we as parents put the child/children first as we begin to mould and develop our seed

We as parents teach our children morals, values, wise sayings and discipline.
It is within the family home that a child’s early developmental stages truly begin.
We as parents do for our children what we deem is in their best interest
But what of those parents who slowly, from their own life feel torn down with no options left

How many of us parents reflect not only on what we do for our children, but also how we behave?
The narrative we use, the friends that we keep, how we seek the attention that we crave?
How many parents when it comes to problem solving only shout?
At what point would you say its appropriate to put a child out?

If you saw me slap a child, immediately you would display concern
But what if I was drunk in front of my child, would that still cause your heart to burn?
What if I went out all the time leaving the children in someone else’s care?
Would you still say that there are signs of abuse or neglect there?

What would you do if you were my family and my child approached you in tears?
Would your family loyalty silence you? Would the backlash cause you fear?
What would you do if my child use physical aggression on me when they could not get there way
What if I was the real victim what action would you take what would you say.

If I was your sister, broken, drinking, suffering in my own traumatised mind
Would you just put it down to “that’s just the way she is” is that what you would call kind?
When do we say enough is enough, intervention is required the family really needs help?
Or is silence an easier option when your position is at stake and resentment may be felt?

Could you save that neglected child even if it meant falling out with friends and family?
How many of us honestly turn a blind eye to wrong doings all for a misplaced loyalty?

Hello madness goodbye joy a book written by me Rachel Webb following the tragic murder of my 15 year old son Kyron Webb. The novel is available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today. Thanks for your support.


1 thought on “When enough is enough?”

  1. Hi Rachel, you ask a contraversial question, I believe that if we are faced with a situation within our family that we know is morally wrong we should find the strength to speak out about it, either directly towards the person who is causing the pain or someone who can speak to them directly even though it may spoil dynamics within the family it may be the more productive option due to the fact that in the future the person who feels that pain will suffer a lot more because of problem not being addressed at earlier stage and therefore festered and manifested in a terrible way…

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